Minutes of the Free School Trustees, April 24,1785

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9. This Corporation finding it will be inconvenient and break in upon the fund for the support of a free-school in Williamstown, immediately to erect a Building for the use of sd. school, without the assistance of those persons who may be disposed to promote the valuable ends proposed thereby; Do therefore, Resolve, That Messrs David Noble, Israel Jones, and Thompson J. Skinner Esq. be a Committee, to procure such assistance in providing materials for a House, as they may be able to get from the people of Williamstown, or elsewhere.

And as the present Fund of the Corporation will be insufficient to effect an object of extensive usefulness in instructing the rising Generation; and as it is probable that many persons may be disposed generously to contribute to the execution of the intention of the Donor, it is therefore ordered, that the sd Committee receive such Contributions as may be made for that purpose, and that they prepare and circulate subscriptions therefore.

10. Resolved, That it is the sense of this Corporation, that the intention of Ephraim Williams Esq. in that clause of his last Will and Testament which respects the maintenance of a Free-School in Williamstown, and the trust reposed in them by the Legislature, will be most fully and properly executed, by employing the whole Donation in that town.

11. Resolved, That it is the sense of this Corporation that the Free-School in Williamstown be open and free for the use and benefit of the Inhabitants of that Town, and the free Citizens of the American States indiscriminately, under such rules and orders as may be hereafter established.

Further Resolved, That it is the sense of this Corporation that it will best coincide with the liberal views of the Donor, and with the intention of the Legislature, to admit no pupil into the Free-School in Williamstown, not having been previously taught to read English well. Further Resolved That as the liberality of the above named Testator has laid a foundation for a free-school in Williamstown forever, which, together with such additions as those who are friendly to the Commonwealth of Letters may be hereafter disposed to make, may become soon very respectable and greatly useful to the public. The three foregoing Resolves be published in the Albany, Springfield and Bennington Newspapers.

The several foregoing Votes and Resolves having passed, to be recorded, on the 28th of April 1785 the President declared the Meeting dissolved.

Attest David Noble Clerk
N.B. a meeting of the Trustees to be held at Capt. Stewarts on the first Wednesday in August next at 8.o'clock in the morning.

Source: Trustee records, Williams College Archives and Special Collections.