The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. VII. - Of Quarter-Bills.

I. At the end of each quarter, a Bill of the several sums chargeable to the Graduates, Undergraduates, and Scholars of the Grammar School, shall be made out by the President and Tutors, and delivered to the Treasurer to collect for the Corporation, for which he shall give the President his receipt.

II. That from and after the Commencement in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, each Undergraduate shall be charged quarterly, in this Bill, twenty shillings for Tuition, three shillings for Room-Rent, and one shilling for sweeping and making beds; and each Scholar in the Grammar School shall be charged quarterly, twelve shillings for Tuition, three shillings for Room- Rent, and one shilling for sweeping and making beds. And should one shilling, charged to each Student and Scholar, be found insufficient to pay the annual stipend allowed the Sweeper and Bedmaker, the President, with the advice of the standing Committee, shall charge each member of College and of the Grammar-School with such a sum as will be adequate to the payment of the said stipend.

III. Graduates, Undergraduates, and such Scholars of the Grammar School as are allowed to borrow books from the Library, shall be charged quarterly for the use of the Library, in the manner directed in the seventeenth Law of the Library.

IV. All glass broken by Graduates, Undergraduates, or Grammar Scholars, all damages done by them to the College Edifice, or any other building belonging to the Corporation, and all fines laid on them by the President and Tutors, shall be charged to them in their quarter Bills.

V. Quarter Bills, as soon as they are made up and delivered to the Treasurer, become due, and it is highly expedient and necessary that they be paid without delay. If they are not paid immediately, interest shall be charged on them till they are paid. And if any member of College or of the Grammar School neglects to discharge his Quarter Bill till the next Quarter Bill becomes due, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to report his name to the President and standing Committee, that he may by them be sent home to his Parent or Guardian to procure money to pay both his Quarter Bills; and if he does not soon return with the money and pay his Bills, or his parent or guardian, or some person in their stead, come and pay them, it shall be the duty of the President and Tutors to suspend him from College or the Grammar School.

VI. And Scholar admitted into the Grammar School at the end of winter or spring Vacation, shall pay the quarterly expenses for the remainder of the current quarter in proportion to the time only.