The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. V. - Of the Library.

[sections XII-XXII]

XII. No person shall lend, to any other, a book which he has borrowed from the Library, nor let it go from under his personal custody, under the penalty of losing the privilege of borrowing for six months. Provided, nevertheless, that if any Undergraduate shall break this law, he may be either debarred the privilege of borrowing as above, or be fined not exceeding three shillings, at the discretion of the President and Tutors. And no Student, Graduate or Undergraduate, shall carry a book out of town, under the same penalties. And all books borrowed by Undergraduates shall be returned the week before a Vacation, and by the Senior- Sophisters the Wednesday before their examination in August, under the same penalties.

XIII. No person shall write a word in a book, except the Librarian, or the President, or one by his direction, to record its place in the Library, or the Donor's name, or for some such valuable purpose.

XIV. If any Book borrowed out of the Library be lost, or much abused or defaced, by writing in it, or any other way, the Librarian shall make immediate complaint of it to the President and Tutors. And if the borrower be a Graduate, or Undergraduate, he shall be obliged to replace it, as soon as possible, with one of equal value; upon doing which he may take the defaced one to himself; or he may be punished by fine, or otherwise, according to the nature and circumstances of the offence; and if the Volume lost, abused or defaced, be part of a set, the borrower shall be obliged to replace the whole set, taking the broken, abused or defaced one to himself, or else shall be punished as above; and till this shall be done, he shall not be allowed to borrow any other book. But if a Scholar can prove, to the satisfaction of the President and Tutors, that the damage of a book, borrowed by him, was done by some other Scholar, that other shall be obliged to make it good, or suffer punishment as before. If any other person shall abuse or deface a Library book, he shall be obliged to make it good.

XV. Smaller damages to Books shall be charged to the borrower, whether Graduate or Undergraduate, in the following manner. For tearing off a cover, the price of new binding the Volume, and for less damages to the cover, in the same proportion; for every spot of ink or grease, two pence, and for every leaf through which it penetrates after the first, one penny; for tearing out a leaf, or soiling a whole page, from one shilling and six pence to the value of the Volume or set; for tearing out part of a leaf, or soiling part of a page, in the same proportion; for turning down a leaf, one penny; and for other damages, not particularly specified, if small, at the discretion of the Librarian, or if great, at the discretion of the President and Tutors.

XVI. It shall be the duty of the Librarian carefully to examine every book returned to him, to estimate and enter in his Bill all damages done by the last borrower; or if the Library Laws require it, immediately to refer the estimation of the damages to the President and Tutors.

XVII. Freshmen and Sophomores shall pay one shilling a quarter for the privilege of using the Library, and Juniors and Seniors, and Graduates who borrow books from the Library, one shilling and six pence; which, together with all damages assessed and fines levied, according to the Library Laws, shall be entered in the Quarter- Bills under the head of "the Library."

XVIII. Whereas some books of great value, are proper only to be consulted occasionally; such books shall never be lent to any Student, Graduate or Undergraduate, without a special order from the President. The President, with the assistance of the Librarian, shall make out a list of such books, and lodge it in the hands of the Librarian.

XIX. All money arising from the use of the Library, and from damages done to it, shall be a perpetual fund, for keeping in repair and augmenting the Library; and the President is hereby authorised and impowered to draw the same out of the College Treasury, in September annually, and to employ it in re-binding and repairing the books in the Library, or in the purchase of new books, at his discretion and that of the Librarian. And the President shall render to the Corporation, at their annual meeting in September, a true and exact account of the expenditure of such money.

XX. As there may, at times, be a Scholar or Scholars, in the Grammar School, to whom it may be proper and convenient to grant the privilege of borrowing books from the Library, the President may grant a special licence to such individual or individuals, to continue one quarter, and to be renewable at the discretion of the President and Librarian. And such Scholar or Scholars shall pay for the use of the Library, at the same rate as a Freshman or Sophomore.

XXI. A brief analysis of the Library Laws shall be made by the President and Librarian; which, with the words, Williams College Library, and the number and size of the Volume, and the price of the Volumes or set, may be contained on a single page; and the same shall be printed at the expense of the Library, and pasted on a blank leaf, in front of each Volume in the Library.

XXII. On the week preceding Commencement annually, each book in the Library shall be taken down, and that and the shelves carefully dusted; and it shall then be the duty of the President and Secretary to visit and inspect the Library, to see in what state it is, and whether the Librarian has faithfully performed his duty. If there be any books not then returned, or returned defaced, or abused by any others besides resident Graduates, Undergraduates, and Scholars of the Grammar School, the Librarian shall inform the President thereof, with the names of the persons delinquent. There shall be the same visitation and inspection of the Library by the President and Secretary, previous to the resignation of the Librarian, should that take place at any other time of the year than at Commencement.