The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. V. - Of the Library.

[sections I-XXI]

I. The senior Tutor for the time being shall be Librarian, unless it be his desire to be excused from that duty. In this case, the next Tutor in seniority, shall have the office. And the acting Librarian shall annually have a suitable compensation made him for his services by the Corporation.

II. The Librarian shall attend the duties of his office in the Library, every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon in term time. He shall keep a fair and regular account, in the Library Book, of the name of the person borrowing or returning, the time of doing it, and the number and size of the Book.

III. No Book shall be borrowed out of the Library, or returned, without the knowledge and presence of the Librarian, or some officer of College acting in his stead. -- Nor shall any person be permitted to go into the Library, in the absence of the Librarian of his substitute; except the President, the Members of the Corporation, and the Tutors.

IV. No persons, except such as are mentioned in the twentieth section of this Chapter, shall have a right to borrow books out of the Library, but such as are in the executive government of College, such Graduates as reside at College, or in the Town of Williamstown, for the purpose of following their studies, as members of College, usually attend upon its exercises, and whose names are, at their desire, inserted in the Quarter-Bills, and the Undergraduate members of College. Provided, nevertheless, that any Gentleman residing in the town of Williamstown who has been in the executive government of College, or who shall make a Donation to the Library to the amount of ten pounds; or any Gentleman, residing in any other town of this Commonwealth, or of either of the neighboring States, who shall make a Donation to the Library to the amount of twenty pounds, may have special licence from the President to borrow books out of the Library, not to exceed three volumes at a time, nor to keep any of them above three months. Such licence to continue to the next Commencement, and to be renewable at the discretion of the President.

V. Such resident Graduates as have a right to the Library according to the preceding Law, and the Senior and Junior Sophisters, shall have the privilege of borrowing and returning books every Wednesday afternoon, and the Sophomores and Freshmen, every Saturday afternoon, in term time. But the Seniors shall not enter the Library till the graduates, nor the Juniors till the Seniors, nor the Freshmen till the Sophomores, have done their business with the Librarian; provided that each preceding Class attends seasonably at the Library.

VI. Every Graduate and Undergraduate shall receive and return his books at the Table or Desk where the Librarian makes his entries; nor shall he presume to go to the shelves, to take down or put up any book, without express permission from the Librarian; and it is expected such permission will seldom, if ever, be granted.

VII. Every book borrowed from the Library shall be immediately covered with a paper cover by the borrower, and be kept well covered the whole time it is out. Any Undergraduate who shall neglect to do this, shall be liable to be fined six pence for every day's neglect; and any Graduate who shall neglect to do it, shall be liable to be deprived of the privilege of the Library for a term not exceeding two months, at the discretion of the President and Tutors.

VIII. No person, except the President and Tutors, shall have more than three books at any one time, and no Student, Graduate or Undergraduate, shall keep a Folio Volume, belonging to the Library, longer than four weeks, nor a Quarto, than three weeks, nor an Octavo, or Volumes of a less size, longer than two weeks.

IX. If any person desires to borrow a book, which is lent out of the Library, he may leave his name and the title of the Book with the Librarian; and when the book is returned, the Librarian shall reserve it for him, provided he call for it at his next time of borrowing.

X. If any Undergraduate shall detain a book beyond the limited time, he shall not be allowed to borrow any other book, till he has returned or replaced it. And he shall be fined six pence a week for each Volume so detained; unless he can offer an excuse for such detension to the satisfaction of the Librarian, or President and Tutors.

XI. If any Graduate shall detain a book beyond the limited time, he shall not be allowed to borrow any other book, till he has returned or replaced it. And when any Graduate shall leave College without returning his borrowed books, the Librarian shall give immediate notice of it to the President, to be laid before the Corporation, and the Corporation, if necessary, shall prosecute the delinquent for the book or books.