The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. IV. - Of Studies, Collegiate Exercises, Public Examinations, Vacations and Absence.

[sections VIII-XIII]

VIII. There shall be two public Exhibitions annually, besides Commencement; the first, of the Senior Sophisters, the day before January vacation, the second, of the Junior-Sophisters, the day before May vacation.

IX. There shall be three vacations in each year. The first, from Commencement five weeks; the second, from the third Wednesday in January, three weeks; and the third, from the third Wednesday in May, three weeks. Immediately upon the expiration of every vacation, the President and Tutors shall enter on the business of their respective offices. And no undergraduate, the Senior Sophisters after the first Wednesday in August excepted, shall be permitted to be one night absent after the expiration of any vacation, but by leave granted by the President, for some urgent reason.

X. If any under-graduate, having leave to go out of Town, shall prolong his absence beyond the time allowed him, or shall not return to College immediately, upon the expiration of each vacation, he shall be liable to be fined for every night's absence, under a week, not exceeding one shilling and sixpence, nor less than one shilling. If he tarry a week, not exceeding nine shillings, nor less than six shillings. If he tarry more than a week, not exceeding one shilling for every night's absence, nor less than six pence. If his absence shall exceed three months, his chamber shall be taken away, and his relation to College shall cease; unless he shall give reasons for his absence, satisfactory to the President and Tutors.

XI. Senior-Sophisters shall be excused from Collegiate exercises, and have leave to be absent from Town, after their examination in August, till the Saturday before Commencement.

XII. Any under-graduate who has been absent more than one month of term time, either with or without leave, shall be examined in the studies which his Class have been over during his absence, and if he is found deficient in them, he shall be liable to suspension, unless in the opinion of the President and Tutors, he can and will in a short time, by diligent application to his studies, recover his standing in his Class.

XIII. No Scholar shall reside in College during a vacation, unless by particular permission of the President, and under such regulations and restrictions as he shall direct.