The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. X. - Of Commencement and Academical Degrees.

I. The Commencement shall be on the first Wednesday of September, annually, and the Candidates for the first degree shall attend at College on the Saturday preceding.

II. No academical degrees shall be confered, but by vote of the Corporation.

III. No Scholar shall be admitted to a first degree, but such as have attended to the usual course of studies, and performed the usual academical exercises, for the space of four years, (or been admitted to an advanced standing) and who has been approved at the examination in August, or otherwise approved, according to the seventh section of the fourth Chapter, and who has not been guilty of any gross crime, or violation of the Laws of College.

IV. Every Batchelor of Arts, who has preserved a good reputation, and who, the third year after his first degree, shall satisfy the President and Trustees, that he has improved in useful knowledge, shall be entitled to a degree of Master of Arts.

V. No Scholar shall receive a first degree, not, if he has been a resident Graduate, and has had his name in the Quarter-Bills, a second degree, unless he produce to the President a certificate from the Treasurer, that he has satisfied his College dues, charged in his Quarter-Bills; and from the Librarian, that he has complied with all the rules and regulations respecting the Library. And if any Candidate shall not produce such certificates, on some part of the day immediately preceding Commencement, at the farthest, he shall not, that year, be entitled to a degree.

VI. Every Candidate for a first or second degree shall attend the public procession, on Commencement day, to and from College. And any Candidate, who shall neglect such attendance, without sufficient reason, to be allowed by the President, shall not, that year, be entitled to a degree.

VII. Every Candidate for a first or second degree, shall previously pay to the President four Dollars.

VIII. Every Candidate for a first degree shall be taxed two Dollars, in the last Quarter-Bill of the Senior year, towards defraying the expence of the public Dinner at Commencement.

IX. Persons who have received a degree at any other College, may, upon proper application, be admitted ad eundem, upon payment of the customary fee to the President. But honorary degrees, confered by the Corporation, on account of distinguished merit, shall be free from all charge.

X. Every person who has received any degree, may have a Diploma signed by the Corporation, and sealed with the College Seal, if he shall request it, and bring to the President a fair Copy of the established form, written on vellum or parchment; for which he shall pay to the Secretary, who is hereby authorised to affix the Seal, half a Dollar.

Oppidi Gulielmi,

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