The Laws of Williams College, 1795

Chap. I. - Of Admission into College.

I. Candidates for admission into this College shall be examined by the President and Tutors; and no one shall be admitted, unless he can translate Latin and Greek Authors in common use, such as Tully's Orations, Virgil's Aeneid, and the Evangelist's in Greek; understands the rules of Grammar and vulgar Arithmetic, and has a good moral character. Provided, however, if any Candidate for admission chuses to be acquainted with the French Language rather than the Greek, he must understand the rules of French Grammar, and read and translate Hudson's Guide, Telemachus, or some approved French Author, with propriety and accuracy.

II. No person shall be admitted to an advanced standing, unless upon examination by the President and Tutors, he shall be found well qualified in all those studies which have previously been attended to by the Class; and bring proper testimonials of a good reputation.

III. No person, except such as come recommended from other Colleges, shall be admitted to an advanced standing in any Class in this College, unless he first pay, or secure to be paid, to the College Treasurer, the sum of four Pounds for each years advancement, and a proportional sum for any part of a year. Any Scholar however who has paid tuition money as a Member of the Grammar School connected with the College, shall, on his admission to an advanced standing in College, be required to pay such an additional sum only as will, for the time, make his expence for instruction equal to that of a Member of College.

IV. Every Scholar admitted into College shall procure such sufficient surety, or sureties, as shall be to the satisfaction of the Treasurer, in the sum of one hundred pounds, to pay his several quarter Bills, according to the Laws and custom of the College.

V. Every one who is accepted on examination, shall, at his expence, be furnished by the President with a copy of the Laws, to which shall be annexed an order for his admission to the privileges of College in the following form,

Oppidi Gulielmi __________ _________ ___________

Admittatur in Collegium Gulielmum.

__________ ___________ Praeses.

Which copy he shall retain by him as an evidence of his membership. And no one shall have a right to occupy a Chamber in College, or receive instruction, or be considered as a member, until he has been admitted according to the form prescribed in this law. And every Scholar so admitted, shall, until he be regularly dismissed, or until with the advice of his parent or guardian, if under age, he has applied to the President for a dismission, be considered as a member; and whether present or absent, be charged in the Quarter Bills with the usual College dues.