An Act to Establish a College in the County of Berkshire, within this Commonwealth, by the Name of Williams College, Passed June 22, 1793

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And be it further Enacted , that the said Corporation may have one common Seal, which they may change, break or renew at their pleasure; And that all Deeds signed & delivered by the Treasurer, & sealed with their Seal, by order of the President & Trustees shall, when made in their corporate name, be considered in law, as the Deed of the said Corporation; And that the said Corporation may sue & be sued in all Actions, Real, Personal or mixed and may prosecute & defend the same to final judgment & Execution, by the name of the President & Trustees of Williams College: And that the said Corporation shall be capable of having, holding & taking in Fee Simple, or any less Estate by gift, grant, devise, or otherwise any lands, tenements or other Estate, real or personal. Provided nevertheless , that the Annual clear income of the same shall not exceed the sum of Six Thousand pounds.

And be it further Enacted by the authority aforesaid , that the said Corporation shall have full power and Authority to determine at what times & places their meetings shall be holden, & on the manner of notifying the Trustees to convene at such meetings; And also, from time to time elect a President & Treasurer of said College & such Professors, Tutors, Instructors and other officers of the said College as they shall judge most for the interest thereof, & to determine the duties, salaries, emoluments & tenures of their several offices aforesaid: The said President for the time being, when Elected and inducted into his office, to be, ex-officio , President of the said Corporation. And the said Corporation are farther empowered to purchase or erect & keep in repair, such Houses and other buildings as they shall judge necessary for the said College; And also to make & ordain, as occasion may require, reasonable rules, orders & by-laws, not repugnant to the Laws of this Commonwealth, with reasonable penalties, for the good government of the said College; & also to determine & prescribe the mode of ascertaining the qualifications of the Students, requisite to their admission; & also to confer such Degrees as are usually conferred by Universities established for the education of Youth Provided nevertheless , that no Corporate business shall be transacted at any meeting unless seven at least, of the Trustees are present: -and provided further , that the said Corporation shall confer no Degrees other than those of Bachelor of Arts & Master of Arts, until after the first day of January, which shall be in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred.