Ephraim Williams's Signature
March to War: Rendezvoux at Albany
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Gov. William Shirley's Marching orders to Ephraim Williams, Jr., 1755.

Portrait of William Johnson, ca. 1755

Coat, probably of Thomas Williams worn at the Battle of Lake George, 1755

Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s letter to Israel Williams, 1755

In 1754, the fragile peace between England and France was broken. In May, George Washington engaged French forces in a battle at Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania. Indians raided Hoosick Falls, New York that same month, and attacked Stockbridge in early September. With this opening of the French and Indian War, Ephraim Jr. was called back from Stockbridge to the command at Fort Massachusetts.

That winter, a four pronged attack was planned against the French: a Massachusetts campaign was ordered for Fort Beausejour in Nova Scotia, Gen. Braddock was to march into the Ohio valley, Gov. Shirley was to attack Fort Niagara, and Gen. Johnson was to march on the French stronghold at Crown Point, located on Lake Champlain. Ephraim Jr., commissioned as Colonel in late March, 1755 under General William Johnson, proceeded to raise a regiment for the Crown Point campaign. Numerous family members enlisted under Ephraim's command: cousin Rev. Stephen as chaplain, brother Thomas as surgeon, half-brother Josiah as ensign, cousin Billy of Pontoosuck as quartermaster, Perez Marsh, a cousin-in-law, as surgeon's mate.

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