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A Taste for Books
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List of Col. Ephraim Williams's books bought of John Noon, 1751

"An Universal history, from the earliest account of time...", 1748

E. Chambers's "Cyclopedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences...", 1751

Ebenezer Fitch noted in his biography of our founder that Ephraim Jr. "had a taste for books, and often lamented his want of a liberal education". Unlike a significant number of his college-bound kinsmen, Ephraim Jr.'s education ended with his attendance at the village school. Lack of a higher education, however, did not prevent him from expanding his knowledge and interests through reading. So attached to his books was he that Ephraim Jr. took some seven titles with him over the torturous terrain to Lake George on what was to be his last campaign. He also mentioned his books, along with such possessions as land, silver, and horses, in his last will.

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