Ephraim Williams's Signature
Thomas Williams's inventory of the clothes & sundry's found in Col. Ephraim Williams's chest at Lake George & sent to Col. Lydius's at Albany, 15 September 1755.
(Gift of Richard Henry Winslow Dwight)

Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s silver watch, by Tomlinson, London, probably purchased by him ca. 1749.
(Gift of Stephen W. Williams)

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Inventory of Ephraim's Chest
Inventory of Ephraim's Chest
Inventory of Ephraim's Chest Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s Silver  Watch
Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s Silver Watch

Thomas Williams inventoried his brother's effects as he sent them home. We learn that in addition to clothing, Ephraim had packed what he considered other articles necessary for a officer's life: a wig, a snuff box, an ivory memorandum book with silver leaves, two silver spoons, and a portion of his library. He chose to go on campaign with Bland's "Military discipline" and two religious texts, also with books on history and politics. Thomas did not list in the inventory Ephraim's watch, which Ephraim is said to have carried at the time of his death.

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