Ephraim Williams's Signature
The Bloody Morning Scout
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Samuel Blodget's plan of the battle of Lake George, 1755

An Account of the killed, wounded and missing, 1755

An Account of what clothing, blankets, guns, hatchets &c. were lost, 1755

Thomas Williams's Inventory of Col. Ephraim Williams's chest, 1755

Ephraim Williams, Jr.'s silver watch, ca. 1749

Abigail Dwight's letter to Abraham Booker(?), 1755

While Ephraim Jr. and the rest of Johnson's army lay at Lake George, French forces commanded by the famous Baron Dieskau were spotted moving southward toward Fort Edward. Johnson decided to send 1000 soldiers with 200 Mohawks to defend the threatened British supply base. Ephraim Jr. was chosen to lead this force.

On September 8, at about ten o'clock in the morning, Ephraim Jr.'s column was caught in an ambush on the road to Fort Edward. In the ensuing confusion, Ephraim was shot and killed. Hendrick, leader of the Mohawk forces, also lost his life. This attack was later called the Bloody Morning Scout.

The column's slow retreat back to the camp at Lake George allowed Gen. Johnson a precious hour and a half to prepare for the French onslaught. After a pitched battle of nearly four hours, Dieskau was wounded and captured, and the French forces retreated.

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Bloody Morning Scout
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