Digital Projects

To help share our wonderful collections, the Archives is involved in a number of digital projects.

Electronic theses are available if both student author and faculty advisor agree to world- or campus-only-access.This initiative began in 2004, so most works date to or after this date.

Electronic syllabi are available on-campus only.We began collecting e-syllabi in fall 2006.We depend upon submissions from faculty so, if you do not find a needed syllabus, please contact the faculty member directly.

The diversitythreadlines project, initially designed and researched by Williams students, provides a unique timeline that encourages us "to examine and enhance what might be known about Williams' diversity choices—missed opportunities and significant developments."

Our digital projects are hosted via Omeka and Unbound: the Williams Digital Commons. Many of our legacy digital collections are being migrated from our previous access system ContentDM to our preservation-worthy system, Unbound.

The Williams Memory Project includes a wide variety of Williams-related material: photographs, objects, films, and publications such as yearbooks, handbooks, etc. Much of this project has been generously funded by Williams Alumni Relations.

Williams College Oral History Project comprises abstracts of unrestricted interviews made with Williams College faculty, staff, trustees and alumni. Interview transcripts are also available, but only in the Chapin/Archives' reading room.

The Psalmodi project contains images from the records of the Psalmodi archaeological dig run for many years by Prof. Whitney Stoddard, and now run by his son, Brooks Stoddard (Class of 1960).

The Rosenburg archive comprises images from the Rosenburg Family Papers which reflect the family and the farm they loved.

Natural History of the Berkshires includes historical material regarding our geographical area.

Reily Scrapbook documents the school years of Michael Reily at Woodberry Forest School and Williams College (Class of 1964).

Dively Committee Poster Collection covers a broad array of programming that explores issues relating to gender difference, sexuality, homosexuality, and feminism, and that encourages a respect for and awareness of human sexuality and diversity. archives, and undergraduate life.

Williams College and Williamstown Map Collection is a grouping of large format maps of the Williams College campus and surrounding area.

Williams College Architectural Plans Collection, large format are blueprints, and campus and architectural plans of Williams College.

Commencement Images are selected digitized images from Williams's graduation ceremonies. This site is currently under construction.

Ephraim Williams Jr. Pipe Tongs are images of the smoking apparatus used by the founder of Williams College, circa 1754. The tongs are part of Williams College Archives collections.

John Milton Holley Papers, 1793-1799, consist of letters, arranged chronologically, that were written and received by Milton Holley (1777-1836) and his brother Myron (1779-1841) during their attendance at Williams College.

Shaker Collection Highlights contains from works by and about the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing from the Shakers' first theological treatise published in 1790 to the most recent scholarship concerning this utopian society. The manuscript portion of the collection includes account books, journals and photographs, and is especially strong in spirit communications and hymnals.

Shaker Song Books are reformatted hymnals from our Shaker Collection.

Andy Jaffe Project highlights the collection of music professor Andy Jaffe. The scope of the materials includes recordings from Williamstown Jazz Festival, posters from the Williams Jazz Ensemble, and images from jazz performances.

Davidson Image Collection consists of Victorian era photographs of Williams College and the surrounding area taken by Alexander Davidson (Class of 1897).

The Richard Henry Winslow Dwight Collection are digitized material from the Col. Ephraim Williams, Jr. volume (#50) of the Dwight Collection. The material presents a remarkable array of documents pertaining to the life of the College's Founder, and the history of our local area.

Davis Center Poster Collection is grouping of posters publicizing Williams Minority Coalition and Davis Center events and speakers.

Presidential Induction Speeches  is a collection of the inaugural speeches of Williams College Presidents.