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Examinations (1927-1934)

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This series contains two sections, each arranged chronologically. The first group of files includes Bible readings, examinations, reports and correspondence, 1927-1930, 1932 and 1934. The second section includes mid-year and final examinations from most departments, 1930-1932, 1934. The examinations are arranged alphabetically by department within each file.

The first Bible Examination was given to freshmen and sophomores on April 5, 1928. Students had protested for many years against mandatory daily chapel attendance with too few excused absences. Required Bible readings and examinations were introduced in 1927-1928 as a compromise for more chapel absences. Beginning in 1929, freshmen were assigned the New Testament and sophomores were assigned the Old Testament. Bible examinations were given for the last time in 1934. Items of particular interest include an analysis of passes and failures according to religious affiliation and letters from students asking for exemptions.

Faculty members sent copies of examinations to the President's Office each semester from 1930 to 1934. The mid-year examinations from 1931 include attached statements from the instructors regarding the purpose of the examination. Examinations from 1933 are missing from this series. The file of final examinations from 1934 includes a letter from the faculty regarding Garfield's resignation.

President's Reports (1920-1928, 1934)

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This series is arranged chronologically by academic year. Working copies, supplemental printed material, statistical reports, handwritten notes, and typewritten drafts reflect Garfield's compilation process. A copy of Garfield's Daily Notes from October 9, 1933, detailing his decision to resign, can be found in the 1933-1934 file.

Harry A. Garfield Records, 1908-1934

Harry A. Garfield, 1934

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