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Because the original order of this series was not known and several inconsistent filing systems were present, order was imposed by the archivist. The Subject Files are arranged alphabetically with chronologically arranged files within each subject. Materials include correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, addresses, schedules and statistical charts.

The bulk of this series comprises statistical data. Enrollment statistics were reported to the president annually noting the number of students admitted from each high school and preparatory institution. Statistics files contain a wide variety of comparative data including occupations of fathers, church affiliation, fraternities, course electives, retrospective and projected data. Detailed statistical data on elective courses was collected during the curriculum change in 1911. Statistical data was also compiled for the annual President's Report.

ROTC, 1917 Another large portion of the Subject Files regards Founder's Day, held June 20, 1920, and the Victory Celebration held Oct. 17, 1920. Material includes correspondence with Williams Medal recipients, invitations, acknowledgements, requests for medals, correspondence with the manufacturer of the medals, and organizers of the events. A letter from Clarke Williams detailing the excavation of Col. Ephraim Williams' remains is included in this material.

Bok Lecture Course files contain correspondence between Edward Bok, the sponsor of the courses, Francis Sayre, organizer of the events, and President Garfield. Copies of several of the lectures, including those of William H. Taft and A. Barton Hepburn, can be found in this material.

Garfield's Daily Notes include Garfield's thoughts on the pro-seminar ideal, the Protocol of the League of Nations, Honors Courses and the Freshmen or Garfield Plan. Williams Hall The Freshmen Plan was a plan to unify underclassmen and intellectualize social life on campus. These goals were to be accomplished by housing freshmen together in new dormitories, providing a common dining room for them and engaging them in round table discussions. The plan was introduced in 1923 and was a topic of debate for several years. Garfield's notes on the issue are dated April 13, 1925.

Library Council and Librarian's Office files detail the management of the college library. Memoranda and reports from college librarians detail the duties of the library staff, collection development and library facilities. The importance of the library to the college community is also often noted.

Harry A. Garfield Records, 1908-1934

Harry A. Garfield, 1934

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