Thompson Memorial Chapel

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all prints are by Allen and Collens, Architects, Boston, MA


  • Folder 1

  • (Addendum 10/31/1996 (gift of Phoebe Jane Easton, formerly Acc.No.: 96-023))
    -Scale drawings of Chancel Dado, elevation chancel wall "E" and "D" (copy, n.d.)
    -Transverse section on C-D looking toward chancel (copy, n.d.)
    -Transept (copy, n.d.)
    -Chancel depicting location of war memorial tablets (11/26/1919)


  • Folder 1

  • -Lectern (5 Feb 1915)
    -Changes in Birthdate in Marble Slab for Col. Williams's Vault (1919-1922)
    -Riser Diagram Voice Amplifier System (Bludworth, Inc.)

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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