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Note: unless otherwise indicated, all prints are by Harry Weese and Associates, Architects and are dated 07/30/1973
Note: blueprints in folder 1 are bound together; there is an index to all blueprints in this folder located at the beginning of the bound set


Drawings and Xeroxes:


  • Folder 5
  • Folder 6
  • Folder 7

  • -Room schedule Addendum #2 (08/17/1973)
    -Change Orders: Technical (03/30/1974 - 04/08/1974)
    -Shelving Enclosures: Westfield Woodworking Co (04/16/1974) annotated by HWA 05/28/1974 Revisions and Clarifications (Heating and Lighting) (04/26/1974)
    -Pipe Trench Detail and Room Finish Schedule (05/17/1974)
    -General Revisions (05/23/1974)
    -Roof Plan and Details (07/13/1974)
    -Elevator Indicators (08/27/1974)

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