Addendum 09/15/1998, Acc. #98-004
Note: all plans by Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott and dated August 28, 1961 unless otherwise specified


  • Folder 1

  • -Foundation plan and foundation wall details
    -Typical column, walls and details
    -Lower level and first floor framing plans
    -Typical floor and attic framing plans
    -Roof framing plan, section and details
    -Wall elevations and sections #1
    -Wall elevations and sections #2
    -Wall and foundation details
    -Cross section and stair details
    -Site plan
    -Basement and lower level floor plans
    -First, second and third floor plans
    -Fourth floor, attic and roof plans
    -Typical wiring layout
    -Riser diagrams
    -Schedules and details
    -Site plan
    -Service road and exterior details
    -Exterior details
    -Basement and lower level
    -First, second and third floors
    -Fourth floor, attic and roof
    -North elevation
    -South elevation
    -East and west elevations and sections
    -Wall sections
    -Wall details, and sections
    -Wall details, vertical sections
    -Stair details
    -Door buck and partition details
    -Toilet details
    -Guest suite details
    -Bedroom and study details
    -Vestibule and entry details
    -Heating and ventilation (7 plans)
    -Plumbing (7 plans)

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