Mount Hope Farm

Addendum 12/12/1991 (Transfer from Buildings and Grounds) Blueprints and architectural drawings of the interiors and exteriors of buildings that are a part of Mount Hope Farm, as well as gardens, property and water distribution plans.


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  • Miscellaneous: Floors, Lighting, Radiators, etc:
    Sections, elevations, and details of different fixtures, floors, radiators, lights, and roofs around the house.

    -Details of bronze railing at west porch (01/1928; Tiffany Studios)
    -Elevation of west porch bronze railing (Tiffany Studio)
    -Proposed cooper roof over loggia: elevation and sections (07/1927; Tiffany Studios)
    -Proposed bronze radiator enclosure, design "C": detail and elevation (07/1927, Tiffany Studios)
    -Proposed design "B" (same date, studio)
    -Proposed design "A" (same date, studio)
    -Paneling of 3rd floor (11/1927; R.T. Adams, Co.)
    -Paneling of 2nd floor/library floor
    -Sketches of suggested lights: sketches of lanterns for Lion's Gate, sketches of lantern for lamp posts for road to house (Mitchell Vance Co., Inc.)
    -Section of ceiling lights for 3rd floor bedrooms (Mitchell Vance Co., Inc.)
    -Plumbing fixtures: measurements and details (04/1925; The Meyer Sniffen Co.)
    -Monel Metal Tables for kitchen and pantry (05/1928)
    -Elevation of special pantry tables (09/1928; Duparquet Co.)
    -Elevation of special kitchen tables (08/1928; Duparquet Co.)
    -Plans for brass and iron works (Puritan Iron Works)

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1905 - present

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