Mount Hope Farm

Addendum 12/12/1991 (Transfer from Buildings and Grounds) Blueprints and architectural drawings of the interiors and exteriors of buildings that are a part of Mount Hope Farm, as well as gardens, property and water distribution plans.


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  • Main House Elevations and Plans:
    Elevations of different views of the main house and plans of individual floors.
    Note: All plans designed by J.A.S. Gamble Rogers unless otherwise specified.

    -Detail, elevation, and section of exterior porch "C" (05/1917)
    -East elevation (04/1917)
    -North elevation (04/1917)
    -West elevation (04/1917)
    -South elevation (04/1917)
    -First floor plan (04/1917)
    -Second floor plan (04/1917)
    -Third floor plan (04/1917)
    -Roof plans (06/1924)
    -Preliminary first story plan (03/1925)
    -Preliminary second story plan (03/1925)
    -Preliminary third story plan (03/1925)
    -Preliminary basement plan (03/1925)
    Note: the next four plans do not specify architect and date
    -Basement plan
    -First story plan
    -Second story plan
    -Third story plan

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  • Folder 8
  • Folder 9
  • Folder 11


Rolled Plans:

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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