Mount Hope Farm

Addendum 12/12/1991 (Transfer from Buildings and Grounds) Blueprints and architectural drawings of the interiors and exteriors of buildings that are a part of Mount Hope Farm, as well as gardens, property and water distribution plans.


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  • Gardens, Fields, etc:
    Blueprints, plans, and sketches of drainage and pipe systems, gardens, and fields surrounding Mt. Hope Farm. Also includes sketches of proposed decorations for gardens and gate.

    -Mount Hope Garden, Mansion North and South Wings, and Green House (07/1923; retraced at office of M.J. Burrington, Jr., C.E. from reduced plan by Oswald C. Hering and Douglas Fitch. Original by Jno. J. O'Hara, C.E.)
    -Plan of the drains and water pipes (12/1929; W.N. Tuller, C.E.)
    -Plan of drainage systems, Kenwood Orchard (02/1933; W.N. Tuller)
    -Preliminary study of proposed drains (08/1915; Barnes and Race, Egn.)
    -Map of tile drains (10/1922; M.J. Burrington)
    -Drain plans (07/1915; Barnes and Race)
    -Locations of catch basins (08/1924; W.N. Tuller)
    -Water pipe lines (01/1924; W.N. Tuller)
    -Sketch of marble mounted urn (Clarendon Marble Co.)
    -Two elevations of marble sundials (Clarendon Marble Co.)
    -Detail of marble birdbath (Clarendon Marble Co.)
    -Marble seat: sketch and detail; elevations (Clarendon Marble Co.)
    -Elevation of west wall of garden (07/1927; Wm Russel Davis, Consulting Engineer)
    -Sketch of Mt. Hope front gate (Mitchell Vance Co.)

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