Mount Hope Farm

Addendum 12/12/1991 (Transfer from Buildings and Grounds) Blueprints and architectural drawings of the interiors and exteriors of buildings that are a part of Mount Hope Farm, as well as gardens, property and water distribution plans.


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  • Columns and Pilasters:
    Details and elevations of interior and exterior columns, pilasters, pedestals, and marble decoration.
    Note: all plans designed by Charles K.B. Nevin unless otherwise specified.

    -Detail of columns in front hall (01/1928)
    -Detail of pilasters and columns of main center hall (03/1928)
    -Detail of first story pilasters (03/1928)
    -Full elevation of pedestal
    -Full scale section and elevation of pedestal (08/1930)
    -Elevation of carved marble column at porch "C" (06/1923)
    -Section and detail of pilasters in living room, dining room, and reception room (09/1927)

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Rolled Plans:

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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