Driscoll Dining Hall

Note: unless otherwise indicated, all prints are by Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson, and Abbott, Architects, and were done 05/14/1963, revised 06/20/1963


  • Folder 1

  • -Elevation and Plan of Main Stairs
    -Sections and Plans of the Fireplace and Passage
    -Window Details (3)
    -Wall Sections (2)
    -Elevations and Sections of the Kitchen and Lobby
    -Lower Floor Plan
    -Upper Floor Plan
    -Elevations of Lower Floor
    -Elevations of Upper Floor
    -Various Sections of Building
    -Details of Fireplace (2)
    -Details of Doors
    -Details of Light Recess Fixture 'F-1' (06/26/1963)
    -Details of Upper Floor Toilet Layouts (06/25/1963)
    -Details of Roof (08/29/1963)

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