Boiler House: Extension

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Note: unless otherwise indicated, all prints are by Lockwood Greene Engineers


Drawings, Diagrams, and Miscellaneous:

  • Folder 5
  • Folder 6

  • -Blower and Air Piping Arrangement (09/08/1970)
    -Formsprag Clutch Assembly ( Formsprag Co.; 07/13/1970)
    -Schematic Wiring Diagram of Single Package Burner Unit (Peabody Engineering Co.; 05/22/1970)
    -Soot Blower Views (Copes-Vulcan, Inc.; 04/09/1970)
    -Soot Blower Data Sheet (Copes-Vulcan, Inc.; 07/09/1970)
    -Blower and Air Piping Arrangement (09/08/1970)
    -Soot Blower and Seal Air Piping Arrangement (Combustion Engineering, Inc.; 05/28/1970)
    -Air and Gas Duct Arrangement (Combustion Engineering, Inc.; 07/17/1970)
  • Folder 7

Williams College Blueprint Collection,
1905 - present

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