Adams Memorial Theater

Note: unless specified otherwise, all prints are dated 9/8/39 and are by Cram and Ferguson, Architects


  • Folder 1
  • Folder 2
  • Folder 3
  • Folder 4
  • Folder 5

  • -Framing Plan: Gridiron, Auditorium Ceiling, Fan Room, and Ceiling over Lobby and Portico
    -Framing Plan: Second Floor Plan
    -Framing Plan: First Floor Plan
    -Framing Plan: Plans of Stage, Auditorium, Fan Room, Lobby, and Portico Roofs
    -East Elevation; Cross-section through Staircase
    -South Elevation; One-half Elevation of Portico; Various Cross-sections through Theatre
    -West Elevation
  • Box 2

Drawings and Miscellaneous:

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1905 - present

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