Series VI. Subject files

A. General subjects

Box Folder  
31 2 Greylock Residential (1964) and Mission Park (1971) House Names (brief biographies and justifications for adopting certain names over others)
31 3 Harvey Carter aborted M.A. thesis on Mt. Hope Farm (1964-65)
31 4 W.E.B. DuBois Memorial and Negro History Course (1968)
31 4a Afro American Studies at Williams (add)
31 4b W.C. Afro American Society (Hopkins Occupation, etc.)1969 (add)
31 4c Afro-American Society /M.L.King Mem. Library fundraising letters 1968-69 (add)
31 4d Negro / African History at Williams (seeking professors, library needs) 1968 (add)
31 4e Rayford Logan (W.C. 1917) visit to Williams and correspondence, 1968-69 (add)
31 5 Letters/poems written by Mark Livingston (1968)
31 6 Luther S. Mansfield Chapin Book Fund (1971-77)
31 7 Tone and Texture (1971) (suggestions for improving the college in practical ways— written in good humor: F.R. is the "Self-Appointed Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee")
31 8 Women in Higher Education Panel for Williams Convocation (1971) (F.R. was the moderator; folder includes planning letters, F.R.'s questions)
31 9 Edward Dorr Griffin and the Griffin Hall plaque (1971) (drafts of wording)
31 10 Lawrence Show (1971) ("Pictures" exhibit of 50 contemporary art pieces of Rudolph Family; drafts of catalogue and forward, letters to art dealers and artists)
31 11 Canfield Papers (1972) (discovery by the Vermont Historical Society: written by James Canfield class of 1868; copies sent to F.R. to end up in College Archives)
31 12 The Sawyer Years (1972) (Letters to the Presidential Search Committee; notes for a take-out piece on Sawyer for the Eagle)
31 13 Chairman Teaching Load (1972)
31 14 Dean of Faculty (1974-78) (responses to Dean's annual memo soliciting chairmen's worries; involves Williams "commitment to American Civilization" [F.R's quotes])
31 15 Correspondence with President Chandler re: Commencement
31 16 Steve Lewis (1984) (Letters to the Presidential Search Committee)
31 17 Rudolph inducted by National Academy of Education (12 May 1971)
31 18 Memorial Minutes Faculty (Thirteen "minutes": from Mark Hopkins to T.C. Smith)
31 19 Physical Education Requirement (one dated 1976, other two undated)

B. Historical materials

Box Folder  
32 1 Williams Chronology (spiral-bound notebook)
32 2 Alpha Delta Phi MSS
32 3 Harry A. Garfield: Berkshire Eagle clippings
32 4 Harry A. Garfield: Letters about
32 5 Harry A. Garfield: Dictionary of American Biography Essay
32 6 Tyler Dennett: Berkshire Eagle clippings
32 7 Tyler Dennett: Letters about
32 8 Tyler Dennett: Recollections and Correspondence with Son and Sister (1971, 1973)
32 9 Tyler Dennett: Dictionary of American Biography Manuscript and Notes
32 10 Presidential Campaign (1952) (newsclippings/promotion for Stevenson (President) and Kennedy (Senator) campaigns)
32 11 Stevenson Campaign (1952, 1956) (pamphlets/posters; scripts and correspondence re: radio spots [F.R. was Chairman of the Radio Committee], newspaper articles)
32 12 Williams Strike (1970) (student memos: Record Special Editions #1-18, committee updates, meetings/events; faculty resolutions, administrative statements)
32 13 A Folder for June 1, 1970 on May 1970 (Aborted major exam, fall recess for citizenship, news clippings)
33 1 Historical Materials "United States Senator James Dixon" by Nelson Burr (reprint); H.M. Hoyt's letters at Williams College 1849; Thomas H. Sill letter 28 March 1799; Enumeration of "the rights in the new [meeting] house" signed by Mark Hopkins 29 October 1866; James Linnehan's recollections of annual Williams-Dartmouth football game; Mark Hopkins calendar and flyer
33 2 Historical Materials (given to F.R. basically between 1969 and 1974) Chapel report; Statement of Rev. Robert McDowall Concerning Canadian Presbyterian Work 18 January, 1839; letters regarding donation of Hopkins materials; science at Williams

C. Papers about Williams College

Box Folder  
33 3 Written by Faculty (to be processed)
33 4 Written by Others (to be processed)
34   Primarily Student Papers written for Rudolph's courses (to be processed)
35   Student Papers written for Rudolph's courses & misc. files (to be processed)