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III. Gilbert Molleson Elliott [Civil War]

Box Folder
1 6 Letters from GME to his brother James, 1863 (photocopies)
  7 Letters from GME's friends re: his death, 1863-1864 (photocopies)
  8 GME military orders (photocopies), 1862-1863, with research notes
  9 Contemporary and genealogical information re: GME, 1861-1863
  10 Robert Avery (GME's friend) military orders (photocopies), 1861-1909, with research notes
  11 Dickinson Debevoise correspondence re: Elliott project, 1980-1995
  Debevoise, Dickinson R. Gilbert Molleson Elliott: a Life Forged in the Crucible of the American Experience. (2002)

IV. George Washington Debevoise [Civil War]

Box Folder
1 12 GWD account of Civil War experiences (carbon) 1913
  13 GWD letters to family members (photocopies), 1861-1863
  14 GWD correspondence with family members (photocopies) 1864-1866
  15 GWD military Orders, payroll, pension (photocopies), 1861-1915
  16 GWD photographic portrait
  17 Research Correspondence re GWD, 1920-1977
  Graham, Matthew J. The Ninth Regiment New York Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves) Being a History of the Regiment and Veteran Association from 1860 to 1900. (1900)

Debevoise Family Papers, 1853-2009


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