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The Adams Memorial Theater Production Records, 1940- 1972 , contain various written pieces used in the development and performance of shows, and photographic records of the performances. These records include correspondence between the producers and various groups regarding the production process, legal information about obtaining rights for performances, audition materials, scripts, box office records, calendars, etc. Containing approximately one hundred and fifty (150) shows, not all folders contain exactly the same files. Some are missing audition materials or box office records, while others have only these forms. Other items include programs and records of outside performance groups. The papers in the folders have been left in the order in which they were received. The only things removed have been pictures (for preservation purposes) and these have been placed in separate folders.

Series I. Adams Memorial Theater Records includes records, organized chronologically, of performances produced through AMT and their associated members. The subsequent records are not consistent in their contents but do chart the production process. The types of productions vary and have included Shakespeare productions (King Lear, Taming the Shrew, Hamlet, etc.) as well as musicals such as Cabaret. The later boxes of the collection also include information regarding the Freshman Revue that occurred each October that was put on by the Williams College group Cap and Bells. The correspondence in the files include letters with the companies holding the rights to the performed shows, news offices, administration and the producers, as well as those working on the productions. Also contained in some of these files are selected audition sheets filled out by those who auditioned for performances including students, faculty, staff, and local residents. When available, a folder is included behind each performance folder containing photographs taken of the set, cast, and other production processes.

Series II. Outside Performance Groups at AMT contains records of groups that Adams Memorial Theater brought in to perform on campus. These varied groups include multiple shows by the Ronor Marionettes and Boston Ballet, as well as one-time performances by groups such as the Limon Dance Company and the Japanese performance group NOS. Such performances were frequent, in some cases totaling four or five a semester. The folders frequently include a program of the performance, contract information regarding dates and times, box office records, and occasionally photographs provided by the performers. When these photos are present they are housed in a separate subfolder behind the main one.

Series III. Stage Manager and Director Materials contains a number of scripts, audition materials, prompt books, historical lists and other items not specifically identified as part of a performance contained in an earlier series. This series also contains items from the ?Williams Little Theater.?

Adams Memorial Theatre (AMT) Production Records, 1940- 1972

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